First Days

Dr. Crock just placed your braces on. So now you’re wondering… now what? Below are a few guidelines to assist you in the next few days as you get adjusted to your new braces:

  • Will I be sore?
  • As your teeth start moving, it is not uncommon to have some discomfort. Everyone’s discomfort levels are different. Generally, you will experience more soreness on the second and third day. By the fourth day, you may still have soreness, but will feel as though you have “turned the corner" and the discomfort will continue to diminish each day.

  • What if one of my brackets comes loose?
  • The adhesive that we use to put the brackets on is very sturdy and should keep the brackets attached to the tooth for the duration of treatment. Since braces are obviously not meant to be permanent, the adhesive is intended to hold the brackets on the teeth temporarily. Thus, hard or sticky foods can knock the bracket off the tooth and it will need to be replaced. Please call us ASAP and we will schedule an appointment to re-attach the loose bracket(s).

  • What if my braces cause sore spots?
  • It will take a few days for your cheeks to get used to your braces, but they will eventually toughen up. Thus, sore spots are sometimes a part of the braces process, but using wax will help you to be more comfortable during this process. Place wax on the wire or bracket that appears to be causing you discomfort. If the sore spots remain after two or three days or appear to be worsening, please call us. We’ll be happy to make adjustments that will make you more comfortable.

  • Is brushing important?
  • Clean teeth move faster than dirty teeth, and you want to make sure you don’t develop cavities around the braces during treatment. Develop good habits now while your braces are new. We have provided brushing supplies to assist you in maintaining proper oral hygiene. Please use them. Brush several times each day. Be sure to brush before bedtime to maintain the health and natural beauty of your teeth.

  • What foods should I avoid?
  • You’ll want to avoid those hard and sticky foods that can cause your braces to come loose. In addition, limit the number of sugary drinks (soda pop, sports drinks, etc.) that you consume. Please refer to the food list that you were given as a guide.

  • Should I chew gum?
  • Maybe. We would prefer that you not chew gum if you have the blue separators between your back teeth or if you have an expander. Once you’ve passed those stages of treatment, you are allowed to chew gum. Our only restriction is that the gum be sugar-free so that it doesn’t stick to your braces. Even better is if the gum has Xylitol as its sweetener. Xylitol is a special sweetener that reduces tooth decay. It can be purchased at most convenience stores and supermarkets.