First Visit

female12We’re delighted to see new patients and we look forward to meeting you at your first consultation with our office. We realize that each patient has unique needs and expectations when it comes to orthodontic care. During this first visit, our patient coordinator will accompany you during your exam with Dr. Crock to make sure all your concerns are met and all your questions are answered.

To ensure that Dr. Crock has all the essential information required to provide you with initial treatment suggestions, we may take a panoramic X-ray if you don’t have one from your dentist. Our office utilizes one of the latest advances in the field of dentistry – digital radiography. Not only are these X-rays more friendly to the environment, but they are much safer than traditional X-rays, reducing radiation by as much as 90%.

Following a thorough exam and a review of your X-rays, Dr. Crock will talk with you about whether or not orthodontic treatment is indicated. If it is, he will discuss the treatment, as well as the length of time the process will take. Our business coordinator will discuss treatment fees, insurance coverage, and the payment options available to assist you in comfortably paying for your orthodontic care.

Dr. Crock may suggest waiting until further dental development occurs before deciding if orthodontic treatment is needed. In this case, we would like you to return to the office periodically for check-ups so that Dr. Crock can keep an eye on growth and development. This ensures that treatment will be initiated at the ideal time to achieve the best results possible.

We want you to leave your first consultation with a clear knowledge of your unique orthodontic needs, how we will meet those needs, how long treatment will take, and how much the treatment cost. If you have any questions about any portion of the treatment process, please feel free to ask us. We welcome any questions and or concerns.